Stolen empty container - a growing problem in Quebec

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  • By: Go Transport Canada
  • Date:02-May-2023
Stolen empty container - a growing problem in Quebec

Stolen empty container - a growing problem


Once again, the same problem arises (mostly in Quebec), empty containers are stolen. These containers may have been emptied by an importer and left in an unsecure yard pending a trucker, or they may have been ordered for export, filed by the exporter in an unsecured yard or ordered by a fake exporter. - That does not exist.


When a container gets stolen ... the nightmare begins. Who is responsible? Which insurer should be contacted? The customer's insurer? The freight forwarder’s insurer? The trucker's insurer?


Who is at fault?  

• If a container is stolen from your company's property, the responsibility is yours. From the moment you agree to keep a container in your business yard, you must maintain the security of the equipment. The use of lock pins and a gate at the entrance of your yard is highly recommended.

• In addition to the container, there is the "frame/chassis" on which the container rests  which belongs to the trucker. They will communicate with their insurer to declare the stolen chassis, but in the end, the insurer will communicate with the company where the container was stolen  from, to settle the file.

• The shipping company will request a copy of the police report in order to complete the file and will make the invoice for the container value.  The carrier will then stop the demurrage clock when the police report is given. 

Who's calling who?


When you realize that the container has been stolen, you must:  

• Contact the police

• Contact Go Transport Canada 

• Contact your insurer


• When you get the police report number, send it to us with the name of the officer who took the declaration and the police force for which he / she works for. 

• Go Transport will notify the shipping carrier of the situation.

• You must also provide your contact and insurer details for further action.

• Normally the police will do a search/investigation for around 30 days


There are important points to remember in order to avoid a container  be stolen as much as possible.

This includes:  

• "Live" loading / unloading when the driver is waiting at your dock. You normally have 1 hour of waiting time included.

• Have a fenced yard or have a secure access

• Never leave an empty container in your yard for a night or a weekend without security

• Get locks lock pins to lock the trailer.


Container theft and fraud has been increasing for a few years now. All must be conscious and conscientious in the face of this scourge.


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